An Introduction to 1 Peter | Faithfulness in the Shadow of Oppression

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The Narrative Lectionary launches a five-week preaching series on 1 Peter this week. This letter is a treatise on how to be a faithful disciple of Jesus in the shadow of oppression.

A Cartoonist’s Guide to 1 Peter is a printable PDF, but it is an incomplete document. It provides an introduction to the letter and a Bible study guide for chapters 1-3. It is incomplete because it was written in 2007, just as the network of house churches that we had started in 2002 was dying a painful and divisive death. I was so discouraged that I never completed writing.

I was a different person in 2007. I was still mostly an Evangelical and in the early days of my Emerging Church journey. It would be three more years before I discovered the ELCA and began my PhD work at Luther Seminary. It is fascinating to go back and read these words now. Some of them make me cringe. Others still ring true.

Why should you download this? Perhaps you might find some of the thoughts and discussion questions helpful. If nothing else, the summary image might be a helpful tool for your teaching and preaching.

It is a free download, so you have nothing to lose, right?

Perhaps I will complete this study someday.


The download includes 1 PDF with 22 pages and 1 .jpg image.

visit the 1 Peter page HERE for updates.

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