In many ways the book of Numbers can be thought of as the second story in a classic epic trilogy. Here’s how the classic trilogy works. In episode 1 the good guys are the underdogs that are being oppressed by an evil regime. Through extraordinary acts of courage, and against all odds, the underdogs break free of the evil regime and celebrate a great victory. Then in episode 2 there is a tragic reversal. The newly formed band of underdogs faces internal struggle, being threatened with implosion, while the recently defeated evil regime regroups and launches a counterattack to reclaim their losses and seek retribution. At the end of episode 2 things look bleak for the heroes and it seems that all may be lost. Then, in a grand climax, episode 3 shows a cleansing and resurgence of clarity, unity, and determination in the hero camp as they rally together to defeat the evil regime and establish true victory.

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