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One of the challenges in preaching is to provide the context of a passage in a quick, yet compelling manner. The Cartoonist’s Guide PowerPoints and Image Packs provide that resource. Each presentation walks through the text in a Graphic Novel style, panel-by-panel, word balloon-by-word balloon.

The beauty is that you get to control the pace. It is not a prescribed animation that must run from beginning to end. You can choose the slides/images and advance them at your own pace.

Don’t use PowerPoint? No problem. Each download comes with all the images as .jpg files. You can place these in any presentation software you use, or print them in your bulletin or handout.

The free downloads are embedded on each page of the BOOKshelf, so as you explore the Bible you’ll find the corresponding PowerPoints. I use Gumroad as the download store. Most downloads are free, but I do have some Mega Packs for sale that make it easy to get an entire book of the Bible in one click. 

Preview a Sample PowerPoint Presentation

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