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Present Scripture in a Graphic Novel style…at your own pace.

Use these PowerPoints and Image Packs to walk through the text as you preach and teach. Choose the slides/images that work for you and advance them at your own pace.

Don’t use PowerPoint? No problem.

Each download comes with all the slides as .jpg images. You can place these images in any presentation software you use, or print them in your bulletin or handout.

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Bible Timeline

Help your students place the events of the Bible and the books that contain them into historical context. This package includes: 1 PowerPoint with 88 slides, 1 folder containing 88 .jpg images, and one PDF that contains a printable timeline and a blank timeline to use as a worksheet.

How to Read the Gospels

This presentation helps place the four Gospels of the Christian scripture in context. While Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John each paint a unique portrait of Jesus of Nazareth, they were all written within a similar historical, political, and theological context. This presentation sets that context for the reader that will help create a richer reading experience.

The Gospels Mega Packs

This post is your one-stop shop to view the Download Mega Pack for all four Gospels.

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