How To Download Content on A Cartoonist’s Guide to the Bible

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A Cartoonist’s Guide to the Bible is filled with downloadable content that is designed to help you visually communicate scripture to your audience.

The downloads include:

  • PowerPoint Files,
  • .jpg images of each PowerPoint slide (to either print or use in other presentation software)
  • PDFs to print as handouts.

I use a digital selling platform called Gumroad. The Cartoonist Bible Gumroad store is located at

However, every download is embedded directly into You will see a button like this

Sometimes it will be a more generic download button like this.

When you click on it a pop up window from my Gumroad store will open that looks like this. In many of the download pages on the site there will not be a button, but a page like the one below is actually embedded in the site.

Type in the price (in this example it is $1.99, then click “Add to cart” or “I want this” and it will take you to check out. this is what the left side of the screen will look like. You are welcome to enter any amount above the minimum as a contribution to the ongoing work of ACG2B. (not more than $1 million, though 😉 )

Then click “Get” on the right of the screen.

It will take you to your account on Gumroad where all your downloads live. If this is your first download, you will have to provide your email address to Gumroad so that it can store the record of your downloads and connect you to my store as a customer.

Click “Download” to transfer them to your computer.

These “Download on Gumroad” buttons are sprinkled throughout the site whenever there is something available to download.

Thanks for downloading and many blessings on your study, teaching, and preaching.

Download Everything for FREE!

Members of the Network will receive the following benefits:

  1. A weekly livestream Bible Study where Steve will walk through the PowerPoint, Image Pack and any commentary associated with the highlighted text for the week from the Revised Common Lectionary AND the Narrative Lectionary. These videos will be archived and available to members on the network.
  2. A Universal Discount Code. Members will get to download EVERYTHING for free, always! (this benefit alone makes $4.99/month worth it)
  3. Access to directly chat with Steve. You might have questions about specific products or Bible passages. Members can direct chat Steve through the network. These communications will get priority.
  4. Community. This is a social network. Members will be able to chat with each other, form groups, and discuss the Bible, preaching, teaching, art, theology and spiritual formation.

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