God and Kings | Visual Resources for Both Lectionaries on October 22, 2023

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Visual Resources for the Lectionaries

This post offers visual resources for the Revised Common Lectionary and the Narrative Lectionary for October 22, 2023.  The RCL continues with Exodus where Moses encounters the presence of God.  It also takes us to Isaiah 45 and 1 Thessalonians. The Gospel is Matthew 22:15-22 where Jesus is asked about paying taxes to Caesar. The NL explores the story when David unified the tribes into one kingdom in 2 Samuel.  The Gospel reading in Mark 11:8-10, the Triumphal Entry. I see a unifying theme in these texts that explores God’s expectations for a king or a political authority.

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Revised Common Lectionary

Here are quick links to all the texts for this week:

October 22

Exodus 33:12-23 and Psalm 99:1-9

Isaiah 45:1-7 and Psalm 96:1-9, (10-13)

1 Thessalonians 1:1-10

Matthew 22:15-22

Exodus 33:12-23

I’m coming back to this old illustration (from the Hart Haus days in 2003) because the story records Moses’ conversation with God. They are talking like friends in this story. God really wants to wipe out the whiners at the bottom of the mountain and Moses convinces God to think about God’s reputation. Moses gets to know the name of God. That is a sign of intimacy.

Isaiah 45:1–7

The two images below will help you place Isaiah 45 and Cyrus, the king of Persia, in context.

1 Thessalonians 1:1-10

Acts 17:1-15 gives context for the church in Thessalonica. This is page 28 of A Cartoonist’s Guide to Acts.

The RCL Gospel Reading is Matthew 22:15–22 Jesus is asked about paying taxes to Caesar.

This image comes from page 16 in A Cartoonist’s Guide to Matthew.

I really like this image from Mark’s version of the story on page 17 of A Cartoonist’s Guide to Mark.

Preview PowerPoint

Feel free to use any or all of these slides and images in your own preaching and teaching.

Narrative Lectionary

The NL takes us to 2 Samuel 5:1-5 this week. David unifies the tribes of Israel into one kingdom. This is something King Saul could never do. I have a lot of images that will help you cover what happened since Ruth last week. It is the story of 1 Samuel.

The Gospel is Mark 11:8–10. The Triumphal Entry.

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