Genesis 12-23 tells the story of God’s promise to Abraham and Sarah. God chose to work with one particular family through a pattern of covenant faithfulness in the face of a broken family in process. This pattern demonstrates to all of us that God does not demand our perfection before accepting us. Rather, God offers steadfast love and covenant faithfulness while we grow up and make all our mistakes along the way. 

The following graphics are designed to help you present the sweeping story quickly in order to provide context for whichever part of the story you may find yourself teaching or preaching about on any given week.

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This presentation offers two graphics to walk through the story of Abraham and Sarah.

Slides 3-16 walk through this graphic

Slides 17-55 walk through this graphic

Preview the PowerPoint

slides 56-68 walk through Abraham and Sarah’s Family Tree

We fade out on the book of Genesis with Joseph resettling Jacob’s family in the land of Goshen within the Empire of Egypt.


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