Tell The Christmas Story in a Fresh Way This Year

Download PowerPoints, Image Packs, and printable handouts that will allow you to tell the Christmas story, panel-by-panel, in your own timing.


Download everything in a bundle pack for only $15.00.


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Here’s What’s Included in the Bundled Download:

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What is This?

A Cartoonist’s Guide to the Bible illustrates Scripture in a Graphic Novel Style. The illustrations are whimsical, but not childish. Each passage of scripture is covered in canonical order. This allows the preacher or teacher to quickly tell the story of the text through compelling images panel-by-panel, word balloon-by-word balloon.

Each download contains a ready-to-use PowerPoint and a .zip file containing every slide as a .jpg image. These images can be used in any presentation software. The PowerPoint files are editable, so they can be used as the starting point for your sermon or lesson presentation. Use the slides you want, delete the ones you don’t. You have control of how quickly you want to tell the story to help communicate the text in a fresh and compelling way.

Preview the Downloads

These downloads are a labor of love, designed to give you visual resources for your preaching, teaching, and Bible Study. Download them for free, or pay whatever you would like to contribute to the ongoing work of A Cartoonist’s Guide to the Bible.

Download EVERYTHING with one click.

only $15.00

blessings on your preaching, teaching, and Bible Study

A Cartoonist's Guide to Luke is Now in Print

If you prefer the feel of a real book in your hand, and enjoy flipping through the pages of a full-color graphic novel, then you want to check this out.

The Graphic Novel is now available in your favorite online bookseller.

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