Reading Paul’s Mail

The Apostle Paul began his professional life as a Pharisee who was determined to exterminate Jesus’ disciples. He encountered the Risen Christ one day and it changed his life forever. The rest of his journey took him across social boundaries that he never dreamed possible. His letters have shaped the church for 2,000 years.

Reading Paul’s Mail will guide you through all of Paul’s letters in chronological order. It was originally written for a network of house churches in 2004. The design is to study five days per week for 16 weeks. Each daily lesson contains discussion questions, food for thought commentary, and a Children’s discussion/activity.

The study is available in print on Amazon. 

This PDF is 254 pages of full-color illustrations, daily readings, study questions, and commentary. It also contains a “Just for Kids” section to help you engage children in the study.

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