Stations of the Cross

Taken from The Pilgrim’s Guide: Cursillos in Christianity

1. Jesus is Condemned to Death

Jesus stands before Pilate… A struggle is being waged between God and the World, represented by Christ and Pilate. We must choose one of these two. Either I’m with the world, which laughs at Christ and condemns Him to death, or I’m with Christ who loves me. I know the one I have often chosen in the past. Lord, I am sorry. Yet, whose side will I be on tomorrow? Lord, say that I am not of the world. Make me realize that it isn’t possible to serve two masters.

John 19:9-16

Matthew 16:21-23

2. Jesus Takes Up His Cross

The Lord longingly receives upon His shoulders the Cross of my sins; sins that I committed and for which I did not repent. He made up for them. He paid my debt. My sins were upon His shoulders. This makes me His executioner. I wish now, to learn from Him and follow Him with my cross, my own cross, with the one He carried. Lord, I wish to be your disciple; I wish to deny myself, and take up my cross.

Matthew 16:24-26

Matthew 27:20-26

Isaiah 53:1-7

1 Peter 2:21-24

3. Jesus Falls The First Time

He fell because the burden of my sins laid heavy on His shoulders. He fell so that I might not be discouraged when I fall. If life for me is a burden, if I fall; I must remember my cross was heavy on His shoulders. He carried on His shoulders my sins, my weaknesses, my failures…because He is my Brother, and He walks through life with me, at my side. He carries my life and my works in the form of a cross upon His shoulders. Lord, help me to lighten your burden by doing my part.

Luke 22:22-45

Isaiah 1:4-6

4. Jesus Meets His Mother

Seven swords pierce the heart of His mother. It is I who pierce that heart; I am the one who drags her Son through the streeets of Jerusalem. I made her grieve. Yes, I am the one with a hardened heart. How easy it is for me with the burden on the shoulders of our Lord! How easily have I pierced the tender heart of His mother: Lord, permit that my heart of stone may become a heart of compassion.

Luke 2:22-35

Matthew 12:48-50

5. Simon Helps Jesus Carry His Cross

Selfishly, like Simon, I look at Jesus with His burden. The soldiers had to force Simon out of his shell of indifference, to take up the cross of Christ. Shall not my love and contrition force me to abandon my selfishness and indifference, that I may help to carry His cross. The cross is life and salvation, and I have need of it. Yet, I know it not. Christ, my Brother, let me share your cross.

Luke 10:25-37

Matthew 27:32-37

Isaiah 63:5

1 Corinthians 12:12-14

6. Veronica Wipes the Face of Jesus

What a coward I am. A coward like all those who stand by and watch the procession to Calvary. I am a coward because I do not confess Christ before men. I dare not leave the crowd like Veronica to wipe the face of Christ. I dare not be Christlike before other men. I dare not be merciful and wipe the faces of so many others who suffer. Lord, make me brave, that I may be able to proclaim You before the world.

Isaiah 24:4-6

Isaiah 53:2-5

2 Corinthians 4:10-15

7. Jesus Falls a Second Time

Humiliated, Christ falls at the feet of the soldiers. “I do not come to be served, but to serve.” Jesus is despised by men and trodden under foot that I may learn to trample the attractions of the world; Lord, that I might learn to crush selfishness…my pride… and be humble. In the Eucharist, Jesus offers Himself to His disciples that all may partake of Him. Yet how often I ignored this gift of love. Lord, I do not wish to be greater than You. Teach me to be humble.

Matthew 26:39-42

Isaiah 53:14-15

Jeremiah 8:4-6

8. Jesus Comforts the Women of Jerusalem

Rather than the tears of mankind, Christ prefers our conversion; a conversion flowing from contrition. This He expects from me. Sensible piety is Christlike. We shrink from what He demands — sacrifice and heroic virtue. Many cried when they saw Jesus pass by, but few followed Him. There are too many dried branches on the vine, and not enough living branches. Lord, look at me and transform me. You know the weakness which keeps me from followng You. Call me as you did Lazarus — “Arise and walk.”

Luke 23:27-32

Luke 10:38-42

Isaiah 5:1-7

Jeremiah 31:16

9. Jesus Falls the Third Time

Once more Christ falls to the ground, yet He rises again to give me a lesson in heroic virtue, and perseverance. I grow weary walking Christ’s way. I get tired of following Him. I get bored with virtue. Just as Christ rose from each fall, so must I learn to rise from sin. This, Lord, is what I want, to rise again, no matter how long the struggle, Lord, when you see me falling deeper and deeper into sin, losing my trust in You, stretch forth Your hand to help me. Let me hear your sacred words. “Oh, you of little faith, why do you doubt?”

John 12:24-26

Psalm 22:7-9

Psalm 142:1-6

10. Jesus is Stripped of His Garments

Christ is stripped of all. He is freed from the garments of the world. Would that I were free from sin. Jesus, poor and lonely stands naked before me and my love of the world. But as for me, I am rich, pampered. For my faults, injustices, and evil desires, Jesus suffered poverty, digrace and loneliness. Christ continues to suffer these things in the image of His poor — in the members of His Mystical Body. Lord, will I ever learn the meaning of your poverty? Your humility, your love? Speak Lord, your servent listens.

John 19:17-24

Matthew 6:25-33

Luke 6:27-31

Jeremiah 9:3-8

Isaiah 61:10-11

11. Jesus is Nailed to the Cross

The hammer falls. The nails pierce the Body of Christ. His feet are fixed, His hands are nailed, His arms are outstretched. And I am there in the front of the mob and call You to come down from the cross. But You do not come down. What would happen to me if You had come down from the place which I really deserved? The punishment which I deserve, You have taken yourself. No, Lord, do not come down, but take me with You, so that my spirit may grieve and my flesh may become pure.

Luke 23:32-42

John 3:14-17

Galatians 2:20

Isaiah 53:1-11

12. Jesus Dies on the Cross

And having cried out with a loud voice, He bowed His head and died. Into the hand of His Father, Christ commended His spirit; into the hands of men He placed pardon. He has fulfilled everthing…there was nothing more to give. Do I have no regard for the death of Christ, our Lord? Looking at me from the cross, with a heart filled with love, He says, “I thirst.” “I thirst for You.” Daily, His sacrifice is renewed upon the altar, and daily I sin. Lord, how long will I continue to sin?

John 10:14-18

John 15:9-13

Luke 23:44-48

Psalm 22:2-9

Isaiah 53:10-12

13. Jesus is Taken Down From the Cross

In the arms of Mary lay the Body of Christ. In silence she embraces Him and weeps. “Behold my son, the One I loved and cared for.” Mary, it was I who crucified your Son. I crucified Him with my sins, my lukewarmness, my injustice, my cowardice, and my hardness of heart. Yes, it was I, Mary. You gave Him to me and I crucified Him…In silence she holds Him and weeps. Jesus was dead. And I, seeing this, will contiue to sin?

John 19:25-38

Luke 24:13-21

Isaiah 53:8-10

Amos 8:9

14. Jesus is Buried in the Tomb

The tomb of Christ was a tomb of hope; the silence before victory; darkness pierced with light. It is yearning for the resurrection…like the Eucharistic Tabernacle, the mystical sepulchre of Christ, with its colsed doors, expressive silence, its promises of life.

The guards stood vigil, and I shall also watch; the women waited, and I shall also wait; I shall wait for the dawn of the day when my resurrection comes, when I will see Him face to face. I shall wait for His Divine embrace wich shall last forever. Come Jesus. Let the dawn of your day break through. Come, Lord Jesus, Come.

Matthew 12:38-41

Luke 23:49-59

John 19:40-42

Romans 6:3-8

15. The Resurrection and Ascension

We encounter the Risen Christ in His Body, the Church; in the Liturgy; the Sacraments and in all His members. Lord, help us to see you in your least and neeiest members and to love you in them.

Luke 24:1-7

Luke 24:45-53

Matthew 25:34-40

Romans 9:31-39

Romans 14:7-10

1 Corinthians 15:12-20

Isaiah 11:1-9

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