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Mark 5:21-30

It is significant to note that Jairus was a leader of the synagogue. Most religious leaders were skeptical of Jesus. Now, when a man’s daughter is in jeopardy, he is willing to bow before Jesus and beg.

Jesus willingly follows Jairus to his home to bring healing to the girl. 

Mark 5:31-34

Jesus’ mission to attend to an important person’s daughter is interrupted by a woman who has been on the outside for over a decade. Her hemorraging would have made her unclean, untouchable, and unable to worship with her community. 

The miracle here, and the window into Jesus’ heart, is that Jesus stopped what he was doing and focused on this woman. He was not too busy for her, even though important people were waiting for him to do important things.

Her touch had healing power. It did not make Jesus unclean. It made her whole.

Mark 5:35-43

Jesus’ delay cost the girl her life.

This did not disuade Jesus. Now her body was dead. To touch it would have made Jesus unclean. Yet, he touches it, and, like the woman, the power flows to the girl and she is made whole and clean again.

This passage is the story of two touches. In both cases the touch should have made Jesus unclean and perpetuated the darkness. Jesus, and the Kingdom of God, is all about reversing that flow. The Good News of the Kingdom of God makes people clean and restores them to community.

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