Beginning of Good News

Mark 1:1-20

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Observations and Question from Mark 1:1-20

What is the Good News?

This is the Greek term euangelion. eu = good and angelon = message.

The phrase Good News was used throughout the Hebrew scripture to proclaim the coming of the King.

The Romans proclaimed their own good news when Caesar would defeat another enemy and bring “peace” to the land.

The Bible Project did an excellent video on Gospel. Watch below. Click here to read their summary on Gospel.

Here’s something interesting. The word translated “drove him out” is the Greek term ekballo. It is the same term used when Jesus drives or casts demons out of people.

The Spirit drives Jesus into the wilderness where he is confronted by the Satan. The adversary. The accuser. See notes on Job for more on this.

Here’s another interesting word. The term translated “tempted” is the Greek term pairazo and is elsewhere translated tested, or trial. This is what the religious leaders do to Jesus in Jerusalem.

The Spirit is driving Jesus into the wilderness and the Satan is testing him.

What does it mean to repent?

The term repent translates the Greek term metanoia. It literally means to “change your mind” or to “change the way you perceive reality.” I found this at

Imagine you are standing in a circle of people.

In the center of the circle, there is a source of light.

But rather than facing the center and the light, you are standing with your back to the light, facing outward.

When you stand this way, facing away from the light, all you can see is your own shadow.

You cannot see the light.

You can only look into your shadow.

You cannot see the others in the circle with you.

From what you can see, you are disconnected and alone in the dark.

Now imagine that you turn around to face the light that is in the center of the circle.

When you turn toward the light, you no longer see only darkness.

When you turn toward the light, your shadow is behind you.

When you turn toward the light, you can now see the other people who are standing with you.

You can see that the light is shining on everyone and that you are all connected in its radiance.

Making the decision to turn around, to turn away from shadow, to face the light: this is metanoia.

Repent and Believe the Good News | Mark 1:15

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